Hand Drawn Safety Videos


A 1-minute hand drawn video costs $6,0001. Purchase the Safety Pro plan and you're getting access to $300,0002 worth of videos for just $99 per year! That's a crazy return on your investment!

And, because you're not spending your working capital on a library of videos, you can invest in other improvements or requirements to help your business grow.

1. Source: www.handdrawn.video 
2. 50 videos x $6,000 



In todays fast-moving world, people expect instant access. That's why 60 Seconds of Safety™ offers Video On Demand. Whether you're wanting to give a tailgate talk, or you want your new employees to access a video, even if it's not at the same time as every one else, Video On Demand is the right choice. 

High quality (HD) video and audio, smooth playing at any internet speed and playable on any internet-connected device; smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer or display screen.

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