The Effective and Engaging Way to Deliver Safety Information to Your Workers.  Connecting, Communicating and Engaging with Visual Storytelling.


Why You Should Invest in Workplace Safety Videos.

Beyond the obvious reasons – regulation and moral responsibility – there are plenty of advantages to investing less than $10 a month into well-planned workplace safety videos. Low cost, massive value-add, simplicity of delivery, high employee engagement, future incident prevention, novel refresher training, less likelihood of injury or illness and added protection from liability lawsuits. But odds are you're here because you're already convinced. If not...

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Use Hand Drawn Safety Videos to Easily Explain Safety to Your Workers.

Most people enjoy a good story and that's what a hand drawn safety video is, visual storytelling. The added benefit is, with a hand drawn video, people remember more of the story. Isn't that what we want when we're talking safety?

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per month

  • 50 Safety Videos and Growing
  • 12 Monthly Payments.
  • 24/7 Access.
  • Play on any mobile device or  desktop computer.
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per year

  • 50 Safety Videos and Growing
  • One Yearly Payment.
  • 24/7 Access.
  • Play on any mobile device or  desktop computer.
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In order to give you the Best Possible Service, we have partnered with:

A robust digital content management software solution to keep employees safe and  accomplish all safety communication goals.
With advanced multi-location tools and unmatched support, sharing your message to one or thousands of screens has never been easier.
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Safety Topics

5S System • Arc Flash • Blood Borne Pathogens • Circular Saw Safety • Compressed Gas Cylinders • Confined Space - What Is It?  • Confined Space - What To Do • Dressing For The Cold • Driving Cell Phone Use • Drug And Alcohol • Electrical Safety • Ergonomics • Fatigue Management • Fire Extinguishers • First Aid For Employees • OHS General Obligations • Hand Safety • Hazardous Chemicals • Heat Stress • Hierarchy Of Control • Incident Investigation • Incident Reporting • Laboratory Safety • Ladder Safety • Liquid Spills • Lock and Tag Out • Manual Handling • Near Miss Incidents • Prevent Cold Stress • Preventing Harassment • Reducing Stress • Risk Assessment • Safe Driving • Safe Workplaces • Safety Signage • Sharps And Bodily Fluids • Slips Trips And Falls • Slips Trips and Falls (Spanish) • Start Safe • Tag Equipment Out Of Service • Take 5 • Welding Safety • Team Lift • Work Related Disease • Work Hazards • Work Stress • Working At Heights • Workshop Safety • COVID-19 Hand Hygiene • COVID-19 Workplace Ready • COVID-19 Working Remotely


All Videos Are OSHA Compliant 


Use a Hand Drawn Safety Video Anywhere Safety is Important. 

Tailgate talks, training sessions, OHS meetings, display screens, the ways you can use a hand drawn safety video are endless. 

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"The videos are great! If I need to discuss safety on-site I show a video on my smartphone. When I'm in the training room, I login to my account with the work computer and stream a video on-screen. The guys at 60 Seconds of Safety™ were great at getting me started!"

Safety Manager

92% Better Recall

Dr Wiseman conducted a study and found that 92% of the information in a hand drawn video is remembered, that's an increase of 15% over other video formats. The information simply goes in!


Value For Money

Save your working capital. A one minute hand drawn safety video costs $4,000. For $99 a year get 24/7 streaming access to 50 hand drawn safety videos, valued at $184k.


On Demand

Login to your account on your computer, laptop or smartphone and stream any video to view, or simply download the App to view the videos on your smartphone or tablet.


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